I was content, a princess asleep and enchanted. If I had dreams then I let you dream them for me. Back in the days where everything seemed so much clearer, women in white who knew what their lives held in store. Where are they now? Those women who stared in the mirror.

We can never go back to before.

Back to Before from the musical Ragtime

Anonymous asked:

Do you dress up for Halloween? Maybe you and Erik could dress up in a couples' costume!

Oh, I do apologize for my late response to your inquiry. I have been busy, you see.

Yes, indeed. My dearest Angel dressed in his usual clothing and escorted me out in the streets of Paris, I was dressed as a angel… a simple costume really. However, it took quite a while to have Erik escort me through Paris. It was very lovely.

On Day of the Dead, Erik took me to my father’s grave. It was a very sad, but happy moments as he was there with me.

My, I can’t seem to wipe this smile off my face…

Love has no middle term; either it destroys, or it saves. All human destiny is this dilemma. This dilemma, destruction or salvation, no fate proposes more inexorably than love. Love is life, if it is not death. Cradle; coffin, too. The same sentiment says yes and no in the human heart. Of all the things God has made, the human heart is the one that sheds most light, and alas! most night.
Victor Hugo, Les Miserables (via theblackquill)